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Cleaning robot with mopping function – which one to choose? What should you pay attention to before buying?

Cleaning robot with mopping function – which one to choose? What should you pay attention to before buying?

Which automated scanning bot is the best? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a scanning robot and see if it is worth buying.

The popularity of cleaning robots is not waning, on the contrary – our appetite is growing along with eating.

Therefore, we are looking for devices equipped with various modern technologies that will facilitate daily cleaning. More and more cleaning robots are also equipped with a mopping function .

Traditional mops with a bucket and strainer to get rid of excess water are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The tempting vision of cleaning floors without any effort encourages you to buy a mopping robot .

In recent years, the offer of robots has grown significantly , and there are so many models and technologies used that it is easy to get lost in them. So we gathered the most important information to help you make your decision.

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What should I pay attention to when choosing a cleaning robot with sweeping function?

  • Volume of collected dirt containers and clean water
  • Robot size (the lower the robot, the easier it is to get to hard-to-reach places)
  • The operating time of the device on a single charge, that is, the battery capacity
  • download length
  • Engine power
  • Type of filters (such as HEPA)
  • Control method (mobile app availability, remote control)
  • The ability to program the device’s work schedule for several consecutive days
  • Cleaning mechanisms, modes and powers are different
  • Additional functions (such as virtual wall, mapping, obstacle sensor, terrain fault sensor, voice control, dust sensor)
  • generated noise level

Cleaning robots – what is available on the market today?

Among the cleaning robots, we can distinguish dry cleaning, that is, offering the function of sweeping , what mopping , that is, wet cleaning of the floor.

The third category is precisely the hybrid robots that combine all of the aforementioned functions into a single device.

Each such robot moves independently on the ground and collects debris according to a predetermined position . The program allows, among other things to avoid things that stand in their way and plan the work schedule. The device is often controlled via Wi-Fi which allows you to adjust settings from the phone and operate the device even from outside the home. Some of the robots also featured voice control functionality .

The power supply with built in battery means that the robot does not need to be plugged in via cable to any socket. Instead, it requires charging using a special station where the device returns after work is done.

Robots allow you to program more and more work in the next few days .

Among the most sought-after functions of this type of device are for example a terrain fault sensor (especially important in multi-storey buildings), a dust sensor detecting contaminated parts of the roof or an obstacle sensor (especially appreciated by pet owners – we probably know All stories of dog poop smeared on the floor).

Cleaning robot with mopping function - which one to choose?  What should you pay attention to before buying?
Source: Pexels / Cottonbro

The sweeping function of the cleaning robot – advantages:

  • Helps save time and energy
  • He cleans even when no one is home
  • Controlling the device from the phone is convenient and hassle-free
  • Takes up less space than traditional vacuum cleaners and mop combos
  • It fits even under low furniture
  • Brooms and mops in one cleaning

The sweeping function of the cleaning robot – its disadvantages:

  • It does not always clean effectively – it happens that instead of washing the floor, they rub dirt on it
  • It requires recharging and won’t handle a large area being washed at one time
  • The disposable fabrics used in some models are not environmentally friendly
  • Some devices need to be turned over in order to install the mop pad

Cleaning robot with mopping function – which one to choose? Examples:

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro (White)

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro (White)

The robot supports 3 different cleaning modes . Interestingly, by intelligent changes in the direction of traffic it simulates a wet hand wash – the manufacturer guarantees that thanks to this it is possible to obtain optimal cleaning results .

The device has an intelligently controlled water tank that protects wooden surfaces. Thorough cleaning to ensure effective suction (suction power: 2100Pa).

In addition, the product can boast of a new and improved DS laser navigation . Thanks to the built-in 12 sensors, the device features accurate recognition.

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Lenovo Z1s PRO

Lenovo Z1s PRO

The device has a suction power of 2700 Pa . The robot is equipped with a turbo brush and automatically emptied recycle bin as well as 30 sensor locks and laser mapping that make navigation easier. It is available mobile application , which allows you to adjust the settings according to individual preferences. The robot is completed with a mopping pad that does not require washing (the manufacturer declares that replacement is simple and immediate) and a HEPA filter that can be washed under running water.

Roborock S7 (white)

Roborock S7 (white)

The device is equipped with the LiDAR PreciSenseTM navigation system that allows you to create detailed maps of up to 4-storey homes. The suction power of the device is 2500 Pa .

The robot is operated by a specialized mobile application that enables previewing the travel path, modifying device parameters and setting work schedule .

The convenience of using the robot also increases the function of detecting carpets and the possibility of identifying areas that are excluded from cleaning . More importantly, the robot can be supplemented with an empty base station automatically .

An important feature of the mopping function is the sonic vibrations , which act like cleaning stubborn dirt. Among the amenities is also the function of raising the mop when, for example, the robot hits a carpet.

Tefal Explorer Serie 95 RG7987

Tefal Explorer Serie 95 RG7987

Robot with exceptional suction power – up to 12,000Pa. The device is equipped with a laser camera which enables accurate navigation and scanning of rooms.

In addition, the device has a second ToF side camera to facilitate the collection of dirt along the walls.

The manufacturer took care that the mobile application allows you to select restricted areas (which the robot should not enter) and set a work schedule.

The manufacturer guarantees that squeegee installation it is quick and convenient.

iRobot Roomba Combo

iRobot Roomba Combo

The device offers two cleaning modes and 3 scanning modes . The manufacturer assures that the device is low (7.9 cm), thanks to which it will hit even hard-to-reach places.

It is available iRobot GeniusTM platform which allows you to remember your preferences and adjust the cleaning schedule according to your individual needs.

Thanks Voice control Setting up the device is very simple. The robot moves in pair lines thanks to the built-in motion sensors.

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