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Do you know what Dream11 is? How to play Dream11? How to make money from Dream11?


Do you know what Dream11 is? How to play Dream11? How to make money from Dream11?



Dream11 Kia High or Easy Base Case Cami

Dream11 is very popular in India and many people earn thousands of rupees from it. In this post we what is Dream11 and how to make money from it tells the full information. So let’s know what is Dream11 and how to make money from Dream11 in Hindi and

If you are fond of watching cricket matches, then you must know Dream11 app. You must have also seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni doing this ad.

Today in this post we will give you complete information about Dream 11. In this post, you will get an answer to every question related to Dream Eleven.

First of all, we will know what is Dream11? So you can understand everything correctly.

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is a game that allows users to earn money by playing fantasy sports (cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi and basketball).

Her company started in 2012 and now in 2022 it has become the first Indian gaming company to enter the ‘Unicorn Club’.

Dream11 is now the most popular game in India. So far more than Rs 5 crore have joined it and its popularity is growing every day.

The Dream11 website and mobile app are both available. Users can register to start playing.

How to make money from Dream11?

You can earn Rs by playing Dream11 game. All you have to do is create your team by creating an account on Dream11.

To make money from Dream11, you only have to do two things.

  • Create an account on Dream11.
  • Create your team on Dream11.

After that, if your players perform well and your team wins, you can win cash prizes of up to 25,000 rubles.

I’m here for you Dream11 se paise kaise kamaye, Dream11 parity kaise banaye account, Dream11 par 100 rupees ka free bonus kaise milega, Dream11 team kaise banaye, Dream11 Pointing system kaam kaise karta hai? I’m talking about all this in detail.

How to register in Dream11?

Creating an account on Dream11 is very easy. You can sign up for Dream11 through your mobile phone number, email ID, Google account or Facebook account.

Follow the steps below to register for Dream 11.

Step 1:

You first download the Dream11 application , which you must install on your smartphone. You can download it from the link below.

Download the Dream11 app and get $200 for free

Step 2:

After downloading and installing the Dream11 app, open this app on your phone.

  1. Now at the bottom left side of your Referral Code click Options.

Step 3:

Now you have to create your account by filling in the registration details.

  1. Invitation number : Here you ADMINQ10JKmust enter this code. With this you 100 rupees free bonus will get. And if you do not enter this code, you will not get a reward of 100 rupees. And the
  2. Mobile phone number Here you have to enter your mobile phone number.
  3. Email Here you must enter your email address.
  4. Password : Here you have to set the password for your Dream11 account.
  5. Record : Finally click on the Record button.

The fourth step:

Now a message with OTP password will appear on your mobile number. You will get a free bonus of 100 rupees once you submit your OTP password.

How to get Dream11 ₹100 free bonus?

To get a free bonus of Rs 100 on Dream11, you must register with our promo code ( ADMINQ10JK ) to be used.

If you do not use this promotional code, you will not get any reward. You can use this promotional code even if you have already downloaded the dream11 app.

For this, open the Dream11 app and follow the below steps.

  • Top left in your profile picture click
  • Currently my rewards and offers click
  • After that get coupons click button.
  • Currently do you have a coupon code? Click
  • Then ADMINQ10JK Enter this code.
  • Finally, apply the code click the option.

Now you will get a free $100 credit bonus. This way you can get a free bonus of Rs 100 by using our referral code.

How to play Dream11 game?

To play the Dream11 game, you first have to create your team. You get 100 credits while creating a Dream11 team, you have to take care of them.

You have to form your team by choosing 11 players from the two teams. All players have different points, and the higher the value of the player, the higher his score.

You have to make a team that takes these credit scores into account. Suppose you take Virat Kohli in your team and it costs 11 points, then you will now have 100-11 = 89 points left.

You have to choose the remaining ten players from these points. In total, you can choose 11 players out of 100 points. You choose the players who play.

Which player does he play and who doesn’t? It is very easy to find out. 10-20 minutes before the start of the match under the name of the player plays and does not play comes in writing.

Apart from this, you can also get match information on Also on this site players play 10-20 minutes in advance.

Let me tell you how to choose the team in dream11.

How do you make a Dream11 team?

Forming a team on Dream11 is very easy. For this, you first have to log in by going to Dream11’s app or website. After logging into the Dream11 app, tap on one of the upcoming matches.

Now you have to choose players in 4 categories i.e. Wicket-keeper, Batsman, All rounder and Bowler. After that the captain and the vice captain must be chosen.

  • Small Gate Keeper : First of all, you have to choose one web keeper for your team. From both teams, you can choose the wicket player you prefer.
  • Batting : Now here you have to take 3-5 batsmen for your team. You can choose the best batsman from both teams.
  • It’s all round : in all levels you can choose 1-3 players. Now you can choose the round of your choice from both teams.
  • Bowler : In bowling, you can choose a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players. You have to choose good bowlers by looking at the players of both teams.

After choosing your team, you will have to choose your own team according to your choice. The captain and the captain of the sound must be chosen. Remember, doubling the dead times for captain and vice captain are points.

In the screenshot shown here, you can see the entire team, players points, captain and vice captain.

Let me tell you how and how many points you get from players performance in dream11 game.

How do you get points in Dream11?

To play the dream11 game, it is very important that you understand how the dream11 fantasy point system works? Here I am telling you about the 11 Dream Point System by explaining it well.

hit point system:

1. Run: +0.5

If one of your players runs, you get half a point for one round. Meaning, you will get 0.50 points.

2. Boundary bonus: +0.5

If one of your players reaches four, you get an extra 0.50 point. Meaning that you will get points for playing in addition to the border points separately.

3. Six Bonus: +1

If one of your players reaches six, you get one extra point.

4. Half-Century Reward: +4

If one of your players reaches half a century, you will receive a separate bonus of 4 points.

5. Century reward: +8

If any of your players score a century, you will get 8 points in the extra bonus.

6. Separation for Duck: -2

If the batsman is out without encountering a single ball (which usually comes from a non-attacker’s side, but falters or runs off with a wide delivery.) his two points are reduced to negative.

bowling point system

1. The wicket: +10

If one of your players gets one wicket, you get 10 points for that.

2. 4 wickets bonus: +4

If your player gets 4 wickets, you will get 4 points separately.

3. 5 wicket bonus: +8

If your player gets 5 wickets, you will get 8 points separately.

4. Maiden: +4

If one of your players removes the maiden, i.e. does not give a single push more than once, then you get 4 extra points for it.

Field points system:

1. Hunting: +4

If one of your players catches the catch, you get 4 extra points for that.

2. Stumping / Running Out: +6

If your wicket keeper stumps or stumps a player out, you get 6 points for it.

3. Run out: +6 (+4 thrower, +2 catcher)

If two players run out of one of the players, the bowler gets 4 points and the catcher gets 2 extra points.

Economy rate point system:

1. Less than 4 runs each over: +3

If your player plays 2 to 4 runs, you get 3 extra points.

2. Between 4-4.99 cycles each over: +2

If your player gives 4-5 runs in the first inning, you get 2 extra points for that.

3. Between 5-6 runs each more: +1

If a bowler gives 5-6 innings in the first inning, you get 1 extra point.

4. Between 9-10 runs each over: -1

If one bowler gives 9 to 10 runs in the other, one point will be reduced from his point.

5. Between 10.1-11 times each more: -2

If your player gives 10 to 11 throws in the higher inning, 2 points will be deducted from his score.

6. Over 11 times in all over: -3

If your bowler gives more than 11 times in the higher game, his score will be reduced by -3 points.

Hit rate (excluding bowler):

1. Between 60-70 runs per 100 balls: -1

If any of your player plays 60 to 70 times on 100 balls, your player will be deducted 1 point.

2. Between 50-59.9 passes per 100 balls: -2

If one of your players plays 51 to 59 times with 100 balls, his score will be reduced by 2 points.

3. Between 50 runs per 100 balls: -3

If your player plays 50 times in 100 balls, -3 points will be reduced from his score.

Other (other):

The captain gets 2x, the voice-captain gets 1.5x and the start 11 gets +2 points. Let me tell you a little more in detail.

If one of your players runs and is your captain, you will get double 0.50 points, that is, 1 point. If the player takes one lot and is your leader, you will get an additional 20 points twice his 10 points.

Similarly, if one of your players is running and he is your vice captain, you will get 0.75 points, which is one third of 0.50 points.

If a player takes a mini-gate and is your vice captain, you will get 15 points, which is a third of his 10 points.

Apart from this, when the match starts, you get +2 extra bonus from each player for free.

This is how Dream11’s Fantasy Pointing System works, in which you get a rank.

How to get payment from Dream11?

You can transfer the money you won with Dream11 directly to your bank account. Its operation is very easy. For this you just have to follow the following steps.

Go to the My Balance option by clicking on your profile picture and add your PAN card and bank account details by clicking on Verify Now in the Winning section.

First, you have to verify your mobile number and email address, after that you have to verify your PAN card. After that you can take the payment by adding your bank account details.


In this post, we will know what is Dream11, how to create account on Dream11, how to earn money from Dream11, how Dream11 Point system works, how to play Dream11 game, and how to get Dream11 ₹ 100 Bonus.

I sincerely hope that after reading this article you will get complete information about Dream11. If you still have any query, you can ask it in the comments section below.

This game is the most played game in India. This has been happening since 2012 and it is absolutely true. I have also seen this game by playing it. It really pays off.


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