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Emote in Business Communication. he deserves it?

Emote in Business Communication. he deserves it?

When and Why Should You Use Sentiments in Business Communication? Sometimes it is advisable and sometimes it is not recommended. It is worth knowing the difference.

Imotka / Photo.  Chaitanya Bilala,
Imotka / Photo. Chaitanya Bilala,

Chatting on Slack or Mattermost messenger without emotions is like going to the movies without popcorn – it’s not the same anymore.

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Expressive movements at work no longer surprise anyone, they are even desired – especially among young people. If the supervisor does not use emotion in his communication, some people may find him harsh and cold. You can find topics in online forums when young employees are worried about business relationships because they see that the person is not sending them feelings. For some it is silly, for others it is a real problem and cause for concern.

Emote at work

An emoji, or emoji, is an ideogram that depicts a small cartoon face, an animal, food, activity, and even everyday items like soap and running shoes.

Emotions are used in digital communication to show feelings such as happiness or frustration, to illustrate a message or statement, or simply to add some color and fun to a discussion.

Many emotions can be used to represent feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, complacency, fatigue, and other moods. Interestingly, sentiment is associated with the world of IT – in 1982, Scott Fahlman, IT specialist, conveyed humor with a typographical face 🙂

As we know 🙂 It is a classic among feelings.

Nowadays, smileys are used to express ringtones and other emotions via SMS, online chat and social networking applications. They are also used in email.

Its use has become ubiquitous and is no longer limited to personal texting and instant messaging. Businesses and the media often use emojis in their marketing content and customer messages.


The rule is simple. We can use emotions in chat communications, it’s even recommended. Just see what other colleagues are doing. And when we send emails – especially to strangers and customers – it is best to limit ourselves to the classic messages mentioned above.

This expression is not a bad thing and in 2022 such simple pictures should not irritate anyone anymore. For many, emotions are a sign of professionalism and good character.

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