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Feelings have entered the world of virtual icons

Feelings have entered the world of virtual icons

The world of virtual currencies can surprise you. This time, the novelty that has appeared in this market is behind the acronym Yat. The name comes from Yat Labs, who created this new virtual payment method, and is in many ways similar to the concept of non-transferable tokens (NFTs) (Non-Fungible Token), although it is more innovative.

Yat is a token identifier with a unique personal URL for its owner. Although it is a virtual entity, it has a specific and real value. Yat Lab, which developed this concept, has so far released about 160,000. Yatów, have raised over $20 million USD for them to date. A yat is an icon that is assigned a global username and is presented in this graphic – not alphanumeric – on the web.

The idea behind this is that the user who owns Yata does not need to introduce themselves with their postal address (I [email protected]), as it is represented by an icon of any graphic form. It can also be a string of several symbols.

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Therefore, when setting up his profile, for example in some social networks or messengers, the owner of Yata can enter an emoji instead of his name, without entering his own custom invented name or email address. Only so much, albeit in the opinion of supporters of this concept equally.

According to Yat, the most expensive Yats are single and double tokens, and the most expensive of them – which have the image of the golden key – can cost more than 400,000 PLN. Another very expensive Yates – with missiles and a moon – was sold for 200 thousand dollars. American dollar. The company stated on its website that it wants Yatsy to be issued on the same basis as the NFT tokens, i.e. to be treated as digital collector items backed by the blockchain network. Analysts expect that owners of Yats will be able to convert them to NFT tokens themselves by paying an appropriate fee, for example in one of the blockchain networks, such as ethereum.


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