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How to show static AdSense ads at the top or bottom?

How to show static AdSense ads at the top or bottom?

When we use AdSense auto ads, static ads appear at the top of it to hide our website/blog listing. Because of this visitor has a problem. This is why it is best to display this static ad at the bottom. In today’s article, I will tell you about this How can you display static AdSense ads on the top or bottom? And

Fixed ads are the rejectable advertisement that appears at the top of the mobile screen, if you are a blogger and an AdSense publisher, you will know about it very well.

This static ad is primarily shown on mobile devices, not desktop devices. In such case, as a result, the mobile menu of the site is hidden and for this the user has to hide the advertisement first.

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  • View these ads below. way than we tell you here.

How to show static AdSense ads (auto ads) at the top or bottom?

When using AdSense Auto Ads, static ads are shown for user scroll up on mobile device. If you would like to display this ad at the bottom, follow the steps below.

To block static ads from the top screen, you have to modify the auto ads code, don’t worry, here we will tell you the method verified by Google (google told it).

Static ads at the top should be disabled by modifying the auto AdSense ads, after which they will start appearing at the bottom.

For this you have to add the AdSense Auto Ads code overlays: {bottom: true}This parameter must be added. a little something like this,

<script async src=""></script>


In this way, you have to include the highlighted parameter in your Auto ads code.

If you are not using these Auto Ads, you must replace the new Auto Ads code with this old Auto Ads code.

You should replace this code with the code mentioned above.

<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-1234567890123456" async src=""></script>

Note :- Don’t forget to replace your publisher ID.

Let us tell you that according to experiments conducted by Google, static ads should work better than displaying them at the top of the user’s screen.

This is why there is a possibility that displaying your static ads from top to bottom will reduce your Adsense earnings. But don’t worry, it won’t make any difference to the performance of the rest of the ad unit.

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