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Magnetic storm destroyed dozens of Starlink satellites

Magnetic storm destroyed dozens of Starlink satellites

Elon Musk reports that SpaceX lost 40 Starlink communications satellites last week. This was due to a geomagnetic storm that erupted when it was deployed into space and damaged the instruments on board.

Thus the storm destroyed nearly 80% of the satellites launched that day into space, of which the total number of satellites was 49. the earth. They collide with the magnetic field generated by the Earth, as a result of which magnetic storms occur.

The intensity of magnetic storms that began when satellites were launched into orbit around the Earth was so great that the so-called “atmospheric resistance” was 50% higher than in normal conditions in this environment. .

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Damaged satellites will self-destruct, as they will begin to lower their flight at some point and will burn up after entering Earth’s atmosphere. SpaceX ensures that damaged satellites do not collide with other Earth-orbiting space objects during landing. The accident shouldn’t disrupt the entire program, as SpaceX has so far launched more than 3,000 into orbit. Starlink satellite, of which nearly 1900 employees.


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