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Mozilla VPN offers more privacy than before

Mozilla VPN offers more privacy than before

The multi-hop VPN feature has appeared on Android and iOS platforms. Mozilla wants to provide better online privacy protection tools.

The new version of Mozilla VPN 2.7 will provide multi-hop functionality. It was announced mid-2021 for desktop PCs and will now also be available on mobile devices.

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Mozilla VPN’s multi-hop feature allows you to use two VPN servers instead of one. It first routes your online activity through a single VPN server, called the “in” server, and then routes it through a server that Mozilla calls the VPN’s “out” server.

Using the function itself is very simple and only requires a few clicks. All users have to do is invoke Mozilla VPN, go to “Select Location” and choose “Multi-hop”. Then we select the places of entry and exit – and they are ready.

“We know security is more important than ever, and we know that what you do online is your own business,” the company said in a press release.

Mozilla VPN is supposed to give more privacy

Mozilla points out that users who are “very conservative about privacy,” such as political activists, journalists who write on sensitive topics, or any other group whose work may put you at risk, should find this feature particularly useful.

One potential drawback of using Mozilla VPN’s multi-hop feature is that your internet speed can be affected by it. In addition, the battery of the mobile device may discharge a little faster.

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But when privacy is of paramount importance, many users will be happy to make that trade-off.

The new feature is part of Mozilla VPN version 2.7. This version also comes with an enhanced privacy feature called multi-account containers that allow users to separate parts of their online lives into color-coded tabs. Cookies are separated by containers so that users can interact with the web across multiple accounts.

Mozilla VPN is not available for Polish users yet. It is worth getting to know the alternative – ProtonVPN.


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