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Robot will warn Ukrainians of air raids

Robot will warn Ukrainians of air raids

Google wants to actively support the citizens of Ukraine in their war against the Russians. That is why the company was informed that it is working on a solution thanks to which Ukrainian users of Android smartphones will receive information warning that the place they are currently in may soon be bombed or at risk of artillery fire, so they should seek shelter as soon as possible.

The company has already begun to cooperate with the Ukrainian government, which will result in the creation of such a system in the near future. IT professionals from XDA-Developers are also involved in the design of this system. It is a global community with extensive experience in developing such technologies.

The truth is that millions of people in Ukraine now have to listen to acoustic air-strike warnings in an effort to get to safety as quickly as possible. In the future, they will be automatically notified of this fact through Android smartphones, which will be tightly integrated with the early warning system operated by the Ukrainian authorities.

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The new alert system is being implemented step by step and Google has announced that it will be available on all Android phones in Ukraine in the coming days. It should be noted at this point that since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Google has significantly limited its presence in Russia, stopped all advertising sales and removed applications funded and supported by the Russian state from Google Play.

At the same time, the company ensures that it is working on a strategy to actively support Ukrainian citizens with its products, provide them with protection from IT threats, have access to high-quality and reliable information and ensure the safety of colleagues working in the region and their families.


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