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The Witcher 4, Starfield, Diablo 4 and more We are waiting for the most exciting of these RPGs 

The Witcher 4, Starfield, Diablo 4 and more We are waiting for the most exciting of these RPGs 

RPG games have had loyal fans all over the world for years.

Epic products that provide many hours of intense gameplay are still in demand. We check out the most interesting upcoming RPG games.

Looking at the calendar of premieres for the coming months, we can see that among the planned productions we will find several interesting promising productions in the RPG genre .

You will not be missing here the atmosphere of dark fantasy , RPGs that draw handfuls of timeless classics and epic space operas .

We invite you to check out the most interesting, in our opinion, upcoming RPG games .

The Witcher 4

  • Release date – indefinite future

The Witcher (photo: CD Projekt RED)

The release date and details of the latest production are not known after the Projekt RED CD . However, we can expect another epic story set in the fantastic world created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The game is built on the Unreal Engine 5 engine , which may indicate that the Polish developers will take the look of RPGs to a higher level.

Like the previous parts, especially The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , the game’s events will take place in an open world, and by controlling the hero, we will develop it, perform various tasks, and fight with the threats we face. Nothing else is known about the plot yet.

We know that the next installment will not be a continuation of the trilogy starring Geralt . It is very likely that in the next version of The Witcher we will play Ciri .

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Diablo 4

  • Release date – indefinite future

There is only one king. Diablo has been around for years, and is proud to be a hack’n’slash gaming icon. The fourth installment of the series is on the horizon and we already know a lot about it.

What will certainly please loyal fans is the fact that the creators decided to return to the dark atmosphere known mainly from the sequel. The action of the game will take us to the world of Sanctuary.

The army of Hell will again threaten the world and will be led by the demonic Lilith. So far Blizzard has announced 4 character classes – Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue and Priest.

The release date is not yet known, but we’ll likely have to wait a little longer for the fourth Diablo installment .

Baldur’s Gate 3

There is probably no person in the world who is even a little interested in games and does not know about Baldur’s Gate . It is one of the most popular RPG series of all time.

The third part will take us to the events that take place about a hundred years after the one known as Baldur’s Gate II: The Throne of Bhaal .

Baldur’s Gate is stormed by the Lithians, who destroy parts of the city and kidnap its inhabitants. They plant it with seeds of mind invaders, which over time turn people into Illithids .

Our hero escaped the kidnappers, but his brain was injured. The search for a cure and the discovery of a new identity is the beginning of another epic adventure in the Forgotten Realms .

Dragon Age 4

  • Release date – 2022/2023

We know very well that BioWare can create amazing RPGs like no other. In Dragon Age 4 we will go to the Tevinter Empire and more specifically to the capital ruled by mages – Minrathous.

Interestingly, during the game we will not play the role of a strong hero who saves the world only in the case of a fairly average adventurer, who will become stronger as the game develops.

We can also expect references to previous editions of the series.

It is very likely that we will meet on our way, for example, the dwarf Varric , who was our companion in Dragon Age II, such as the Inquisition . Without a doubt, we are preparing another epic RPG .


  • Release date – 11/11/2022

Starfield is an epic RPG created by Bethesda. During the game we will play the role of space travelers.

2310 is the time when space colonization became a reality. Unfortunately, in Inhabited Systems a bloody feud broke out between the two factions – the United Colonies and the Free Stars . Relative and uneasy peace followed, but inhabited systems have been fraught with danger ever since.

The action of the game begins 20 years after these events. We play the role of one of the members Constellation , that is, an organization that explores space. An epic adventure awaits us in which we may learn the eternal mystery of the universe.

Hogwarts Legacy

The world of Harry Potter has many fans all over the world, but good games from this world are like medicine. Hogwarts Legacy could change that trend.

We will observe the action of the game from a third-person perspective. During the game we will play the role of a witch or wizard who goes to the legendary school of witchcraft and sorcery of the nineteenth century.

Our task will be to explore the title castle and its surroundings. During the game we will have many tasks and daily homework such as learning potions, herbal medicine and defense against the dark arts.

As we progress, we will develop our hero, learn new spells and gain access to previously closed parts of the school.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

  • Release date – June 2022

In Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord we will learn about the story that is set about 200 years before the events that we can see in Mount & Blade: Warband .

We will go to the great power of the land of Calradia, whose ruler died without leaving an heir to the throne. The state is ruled by an interregnum and anarchy.

The main task of our hero will be to restore order in this land. During the game, we will move in an open world, where a lot of story-related missions and side activities are waiting for us.

We will also fight battles led by one of the armies. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord promises to be an amazing combination of strategy game and RPG.

Immortal Diablo

Diablo on mobile devices? Why not. About Diablo Immortal was said years ago. The game has not yet officially appeared on the market and has many opponents and supporters. The story should be based on the events of the plot period between Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction , and Diablo III .

We will have 6 character classes to choose from. As it happens in Diablo , each of them will have a different fighting style and skills to adapt to it. The controls are adapted for touch screens, but the developers have made the gameplay more intuitive.

Lords of the Fallen 2

Lords of the Fallen 2 (Image: CI Games)
Lords of the Fallen 2 (Image: CI Games)

Polish dark spirits? CI Games already showed in 2014 that they can create this type of game. The production of Masters of The Fallen 2 has been passed from hand to hand over the years.

Eventually, in 2020, a Polish developer created a new team called Hexworks in order to complete work on the game.

Currently, almost nothing is known about the plot and gameplay, but the great first part suggests that the sequels will be just as good.

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