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Meta (Fb) adds an anti-harassment tool to the metaverse

Meta (Fb) adds an anti-harassment tool to the metaverse

Meta-Facebook has announced the release of the tool for users of the metaverse (virtual reality) to the personal boundaries of personal space, due to publicly expressed and heightened concerns about user safety and sexual harassment in the metaverse.

Meta (Fb) adds an anti-harassment tool to the metaverse
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The new “personal space limits” tool aims to improve users’ well-being – netizens will feel that they have approximately four feet (1.2 meters) between their virtual avatar and others in the Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues app through VR headsets. As Horizon Vice President Vivek Sharma put it, “The company believes that new personal boundaries will help establish a code of conduct.” He revealed that in the future, Meta will allow users to change the size of their personal limits themselves.

Horizon Worlds, a large-scale virtual reality social platform, and Horizon Venues, which focus on virtual events, are early iterations of metaverse-like spaces. It is the users of these platforms who have informed the public of the undesirable and aggressive behavior in virtual reality. In response, Meta announced in a blog post that the new default setting will make it easier to avoid unwanted interactions.

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The company has long been under the scrutiny of global lawmakers and regulators for its handling of problematic content and abuse on existing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Only last Thursday, its shares fell by about a quarter.

How does the tool work? As in the default Hammurabi code. The hand of the person who penetrated into someone else’s personal space will disappear. There is also a “safety zone” feature – a person who feels threatened can activate a “safety bubble” around their avatar if they feel threatened.

And if we like a person, we can “height five” with his avatar.

Source: Reuters

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