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What is Sova virus and how to avoid it?

What is Sova virus and how to avoid it?

If you are using mobile banking or internet banking, you need to be careful, because there is S virus in the market, which can empty your bank account. The name of this virus is sofa virus and in today’s article, we will tell you the same thing, such as what is sofa virus, how does it work and how can it be avoided? What is Sova virus – complete information 

SOVA virus, which has killed thousands of people in America, Russia and European countries, has now also reached India. This virus is so dangerous that it steals your username and password while you are logged into your banking app or banking app (mobile banking).

CERT-In, the agency responsible for cyber security in the country, has issued a warning to everyone about this. New Mobile Banking Trojan virus sneaks into Android phones in a very clever way and impossible to uninstall this bug.

What is sofa virus? (what is sova virus)

Sova virus is a new type of mobile banking malware campaign. It uses a virus called SOVA Android Trojan. Earlier, Sowa focused on countries like USA, Russia and Spain and now targeting India.

This virus is one of the most dangerous viruses for users of mobile banking network in India. Difficult to uninstall is the fifth choice of virus first identified in Indian cyberspace.

It has the ability to encrypt all data. This was reported by the country’s federal cybersecurity agency. This version of the malware hides fake Android apps that have logos similar to search engines like Chrome , Amazon, and NFC platforms in order to trick users into installing them.

The biggest advantage of this virus is its smart work. It redraws the security unit, which aims to protect itself from the actions of the various victims.

When the user tries to uninstall the malware on his device from his setup options. Then the sova virus interrupts user actions and automatically returns to the home screen and displays the message “This app is locked”.

This will lead to harmful situations for users affecting their privacy and the security of sensitive customer data. This will lead to more large-scale financial attacks and fraud on the part of users.

his goal

The virus targets more than 200 mobile applications that include banking applications as well as cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

SOVA virus features:

  • The virus collects keystrokes and steals cookies from devices.
  • They confiscate multi-factor authentication (MFA) tokens.
  • The malware takes screenshots and records video from the webcam without the user’s permission.
  • It performs gestures such as tapping and dragging using the Android Accessibility Service.
  • In addition, false overlays are found in many types of applications.
  • It can also copy and paste over 200 banking and payment applications.
  • Threat to Indian cyberspace.

How it works?

The latest SOVA malware disguises itself through an Android app. It disguises itself using the logos of popular apps such as Chrome, Amazon and NFT platforms.

Because of this people install it in the device. After that the virus becomes active and starts targeting people. A new type of SOVA malware targets more than 200 mobile applications. This includes cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets apart from banking applications.

This malware steals users’ login details when they log into their net banking application to access the bank account. According to the report, this malware is spread through SMS phishing. The fake Android app is activated once it is installed in the device.

It then sends a list of all applications to the command and control server. Which scammers take advantage of. The address is then sent from the command and control server to all target applications. These applications are then controlled by malware and command and control servers.

How to prevent or avoid the sofa virus

When users try to delete these apps, users get a lot of pop-ups and the app screams that it is safe.

To avoid this, you should avoid downloading the app from any third party app or website. Please pay attention to its permissions before downloading the app. Be careful if it asks for unnecessary permissions.

Follow the tips below to avoid the sofa virus?

  • Limit download sources to official app stores, hardware manufacturer, or operating system app stores.
  • Always review apps before installing them from the Google Play Store app . Never check the “Untrusted sources” checkbox for side-loaded applications.
  • Update and patch when available on Android device vendors .
  • Avoid untrusted sites or untrusted links and use caution.
  • Beware of anonymous email-to-text services that try to hide your real number.
  • Access only those links that show the domain of the website. Users need to verify by searching for the link in the search engines to ensure the legitimacy of the website.
  • Update and install antivirus or any spyware software on your device.
  • Valid encryption certificates can be checked via the green padlock in the browser’s address bar before providing any sensitive information.
  • Any unusual activity in the customer’s account must be reported to the concerned banks immediately.

We hope by now you have come to know about sova kya hota hai virus, kaise kaam karta hai, aur isse kase bache, if you still have any question in your mind then you can ask it in the comment section below.

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