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Tinder introduces a new feature that focuses on personality, not appearance

Tinder introduces a new feature that focuses on personality, not appearance

Isn’t it the appearance that matters to you, but the personality? So you must like the newest feature of Tinder, as you need to talk to them before you see what a person looks like.

The latest addition will appear on the Explore tab. There you can already find the interactive game “Swipe Night”, a customized adventure that allows you to create your own story scenario, and “Hot Takes” – a combination of roulette with a test. What do we know about the “blind date”?

What does a blind date look like on Tinder?

Not the pictures, the conversation will be primarily here. Users will only be able to view their profiles and photos when they both decide to continue the relationship.

How will it work? First, there will be a short series of ‘break the deadlock’ questions that must be completed. Based on them, the application will select users with similar characteristics. Once paired, a time-limited conversation will begin and the only details known about the other person will be their information Answers to multiple choice questions For example, the quote after Tinder: “It’s cool to wear a shirt __times without washing” and “I add ketchup to__.”

When time runs out, you can like the other person’s profile and if they do, you will have access to your private photos and information .

Where did this idea come from?

Tinder, in its latest version, explains the introduction of the function as follows:

Blind dating gives today’s abusers a simple way to put their personality first and find a match that truly “vibrates” with them. This experience reflects the modern dating habits of Generation Z, which values ​​authenticity, and also echoes the nostalgia of the ’90s by referring to dating in the pre-smartphone world.

According to the tests conducted by the developers, users who used the Blind Date feature achieved 40% more matches than those who used another quick chat feature with visual profiles.

The feature is currently available in the US and will be available worldwide soon.

Do you use dating apps? How do you like this feature?


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