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Unsafe Android Virus Entered Play Store

Unsafe Android Virus Entered Play Store


Play Protect security hasn’t been working well lately. Another app containing malware code has reached the Play Store.

Security researchers from the French company Pradeo have provided information about another Android malware . A mobile virus has been identified in an application in the official application store – Google Play .


A program that converts images into images from comics and cartoons in Kraftsart Cartoon Photo Tools – Reality contains malware code for which Facebook credentials are stolen .

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An app since publishing on Play Store that has been downloaded by over 100,000 users .

In the source code of Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools, French security researchers discovered a malware called Facestealer . According to the proposed name, it is used to steal the identities of users on the Internet .

The software was quickly submitted to Google and the company removed it from the official app store.

Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools merges with a domain registered in Russia . For several years it has been bundled with other applications that contain malware in their source code .

Unfortunately in the past few weeks, Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools is yet another case of a virus-free app that successfully bypassed Play Protect security and found its way to Google’s official app store . Android smartphone users should choose apps carefully and read reviews about them before downloading.

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