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Huawei will build a new headquarters for its digital energy division for 632 million USD

Huawei will build a new headquarters for its digital energy division for 632 million USD

Local media reported that Huawei Technologies will spend 4 billion yuan ($632.52 million) to build a new headquarters and research and development center for its digital energy division in Shenzhen, as the Chinese telecom giant diversifies in the face of US pressure.

Huawei will build a new digital energy headquarters for $632 million
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As we read in the “21st Century Herald” newspaper, on February 17, Huawei Digital Power signed a contract with the local government of the southern city of Shenzhen, where the company is based, to implement the project. The signing was part of a larger event organized by Shenzhen to celebrate the start of new construction projects in the city.

According to the 21st Century Herald, Huawei’s project is touting the “dual carbon chain,” citing China’s goal of reaching peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and becoming “carbon neutral” by 2060.

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Huawei is trying to diversify its portfolio beyond its core telecommunications and smartphone business, which has been hit hard by US export restrictions in recent years.

Huawei Digital Power was signed up in June to meet the “challenges of big data, traffic, and the era of energy consumption” by providing solutions such as smart data centers and helping telecom operators and towers achieve “green efficiency,” according to the company’s website.

According to Reuters, in January, Huawei Digital Power and China Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd, which operates coal-fired power plants across China, signed a cooperation agreement in developing clean energy projects, such as big data platforms for solar panels. Energy storage systems and smart power plants.

Source: Reuters

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