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Zoom is looking for opportunities for further development. I want to arouse the interest of corporate customers

Zoom is looking for opportunities for further development. I want to arouse the interest of corporate customers

Zoom has enjoyed explosive growth during the pandemic, but it has now stopped. Now he wants to focus on acquiring large corporate clients.

Zoom focuses on companies/images.  Gabriel Benoit,
Zoom focuses on companies/images. Gabriel Benoit,

The video conferencing company released its latest quarterly results. And while it is still good, even when employees from all over the world return to their desks, the prospects for further development are clearly weaker.

Thus, Zoom reported fourth-quarter fiscal revenue of $1.07 billion, an increase of 21% year over year, with total revenue for the year just over $4 billion. However, in order to be successful in the future and not lose many investors, Zoom wants to expand its operations and will focus on corporate clients.

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As Eric S. Yuan, Zoom’s CEO, said in a statement, “The company has performed well along with increased profitability and increased cash flow from operating activities. Our customer base continued to grow and we found new use cases for our expanded communications platform.” At the same time, he added, looking into the future, the company expects customers to continue using apps like Zoom, while companies need an effective communication platform above all else. “An integrated, secure and easy-to-use system. We are proud of our ability to lead the digital transformation of communications,” he added.

The pandemic has fueled Zoom’s growth

After seeing massive growth rates during the pandemic, many experts and analysts wondered how Zoom would be able to sustain this growth in the future. Pressure is mounting on the company — investors fear it will start losing customers when people return to their offices and fewer people work remotely.

For some time Zoom has focused on hybrid work and often communicates with businesses and individual clients that it makes it easy to work in this mode. It provides what it claims is a “comfortable environment” for working from home and the office.

At the same time, the company uses available technologies to try its strength in new areas. For example, it launched Zoom Contact Center, a customer service platform that allows businesses to interact quickly with their customers.


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