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The company that develops chips that mimic the workings of the brain has raised $25 million in funding

The company that develops chips that mimic the workings of the brain has raised $25 million in funding

Rain Neuromorphics Inc, a startup that designs brain-like chips and is designed to serve companies that use artificial intelligence algorithms, said Wednesday it has raised $25 million. The project is backed by well-known investor and scientist Samuel H (Sam) Altman, CEO of OpenAI

The company that develops brain-mimicking chips has raised $25 million in funding
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Gordon Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Rain Neuromorphics Inc, said that while most AI chips on the market are digital today, his company’s technology is analog. Digital chips read 1 and 0 seconds, while analog chips can decode additional information such as sound waves. “The idea is to first look at the brain for clues that will help us build a new foundation for computation,” Wilson told Reuters. “By building neural circuits, we can achieve remarkable efficiency and impressive scale at the same time. Powerful AI models. Hopefully, one day this will help enable Real Artificial General Intelligence”.

Graphics chips from NVIDIA Corp. Other US start-ups that are raising funds include SambaNova Systems, Groq, and Cerebras Systems.

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The Rain chip is designed by adding a circuit called a memristor to the top of a silicon wafer. Memristors, originally designed by HP Labs about a decade ago, act as “artificial synapses” that allow processing and memory to be in the same place, allowing AI algorithms to run faster and more energy-efficiently than AI chips, Wilson said. current digital.

The money raised will be used to expand the engineering team as Rain takes the prototype chip to the next stage of development, Wilson said.

The latest funding round was conducted by Prosperity 7 Ventures, a venture capital fund owned by Aramco Ventures.

Source: Reuters


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