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Head of Cyber ​​Security at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery at Microsoft Polska

Head of Cyber ​​Security at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery at Microsoft Polska

Robert Cola has just taken over as Chief Engineer – Secure Public Sector Cloud Transformation at Microsoft. Until October last year, she was the Director of the Cyber ​​Security Department in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery.

This information was first published by, referring to an interview with Robert Cola himself, who said that his extensive experience in the public sector was the determining factor. Understanding the technical environment of the public sector, including security aspects, will be one of the main tasks in the new position. Experience required by Microsoft has included technology strategy leadership and secure delivery of cloud-based solutions (Azure, AWS or GCP) in the public sector (including defense/intelligence).

After about 4 years of hiatus, Robert Cola is back at Microsoft, which he left in 2018. In the PM’s Chancellery as Director of Cyber ​​Security, incl. Supervising the development of the national cybersecurity system, implementing the cybersecurity strategy of the Republic of Poland, leading the development of national cybersecurity standards, building and coordinating the national cybersecurity certification system, supervising qualified trust service providers – eIDAS.

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From the aforementioned understanding of the technical environment of the public sector, through the design and implementation of reference architectures that support the migration of the institutional public to the cloud computing model, educate the market and support transformation projects in the region; Oversight and management, establishes practices and quality standards for implementing business solutions for large projects, directs, defines ideas and best practices, and develops internal/external communities; Trusted advisor job – a trusted advisor (including managing and approving technologies and solutions; leading actions taken by internal team members and stakeholders in dealing with clients), collaborating with corporate architects, security teams, development teams, operational teams and technology partners; Publishing white papers on key technical topics and/or architecture design patterns, initiating and implementing external events related to the architectural community (eg conferences, seminars, technical meetings, webcasts, blogs

Robert Kola graduated in 1994 from the Department of Cybernetics at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, after which he began working in the cipher office of the State Protection Office. In the years 1998-2006 he was Deputy Director of the Information Security Department of the Internal Security Agency. From 2006 to 2008, it was delegated to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration to manage the establishment of the Schengen Information System and Visa Information System. In 2008, he became Director of the National Security and Defense Sector at Microsoft CEE headquarters, where he worked for 10 years. Then from 2018 to 2020, he was the Director of the Cyber ​​Security Department of the Ministry of Digitization, and after the liquidation of the ministry – in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, until October 2021.


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