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iPad mini features Who should buy it?

iPad mini features Who should buy it?

Is it worth buying an iPad mini? Yes, but only on one condition: you know exactly what you’re going to use it for. We already explain what is happening.

The iPad mini is a great device for select users/photos.  special materials
The iPad mini is a great device for select users/photos. special materials

Currently, we can find the sixth generation iPad mini on sale – it is often referred to as iPad mini 6 or 2021 (it was shown for the first time last year). It’s a high-quality iPadOS tablet, but many people are wondering if it makes sense to buy this particular device.

If someone buys their first tablet, they will almost certainly choose the larger version. It will be the ninth generation iPad (10.2 inch screen), the fifth generation iPad Air (10.9 inch screen), or even the iPad Pro (11 or 12.9 inch screens). The mini version has a screen big enough not to pass into a smartphone, but still – as the name suggests – small. It offers an 8.3-inch screen.

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Someone might think, “Okay, but maybe the iPad mini is cheap.” Here again there is a problem, because we will buy the cheapest iPad mini for PLN 2599 and it will be the 64GB version with WiFi (no cellular, i.e. cellular connection). For comparison, an ordinary iPad with a 10.2-inch screen is available from PLN 1699.

iPad mini – where to buy? Prices and shops

So what makes the iPad mini interesting to someone? It is definitely a very effective device. Equipped with the A15 Bionic chip, the iPad mini is clearly more powerful than the regular iPad which still has the A13. Newer, more efficient Pro or Air models – these already have M1 systems. In addition, the iPad mini, like the latest models, supports the second generation Apple Pencil .

But who should decide on the mini version? First of all, people looking for gear that will fit where a full-size iPad can’t. And those who have a special use for the mini, for example want to use the tablet with one hand.

Even if the Apple iPad Air is light and we hold it in one hand, it is still large enough that handling is not a possibility. In the case of the iPad mini, many activities are performed with one hand. Additionally, handwritten notes on the iPad mini are great with the use of the Pencil 2. This makes this tablet suitable for business meetings where we want to take notes. It is light, easily fits in a handbag, and at the same time provides high comfort of use.

Where can we buy an iPad? If we live in a big city, it’s worth using price comparison sites and choosing your own. It is very likely that some stores will deliver your order even within 2 hours. Otherwise, let’s just choose a store we trust and, of course, one that doesn’t have exorbitant prices.

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