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Gupshup acquired Knowlarity

Gupshup acquired Knowlarity

The acquisition of an AI-powered voice communications company will cement Gushup’s dominant position – the rhinoceros worth $1.4 billion

Gupshup acquires knowledge
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Gupshup, the global leader in conversational services, has announced the acquisition of Knowlarity Communications. Knowlarity is a global leader in cloud communications, providing cloud telephony, call center automation, AI-powered voice assistants and speech analysis solutions to more than 6,000 customers in 65 countries. The acquisition complements the industry-dominant communications package Gupshup Conversational Messaging and positions Gupshup as a leader in audio and video communications.

Gupshup is the leading chat platform with over 6 billion messages per month. Gupshup offers a single messaging API for over 30 channels, AI voice solutions, a rich suite of tools for building conversational experiences, more than 500 key CMR integrations, e-marketing and sales automation systems, and a network of partnerships in emerging markets across multiple news channels, with A variety of hardware manufacturers, independent software vendors, and operators.

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Knowlarity operates in a voice communications management market that has the potential to transform call centers, IVR systems, and smart voice systems into a total addressable market (TAM) of approximately $18 billion in 2024 (Gartner forecast for January 2021).

Knowlarity’s revenue grew 50% over the previous year, while international revenue outside of India grew 100% over the same period. The company offers solutions with unparalleled reliability and flexibility that allow organizations to engage their customers more effectively with AI-based audio and video solutions, thus ensuring a higher return on investment.

“Customers want to be able to communicate with organizations using text, voice and other channels of their choice. Knowlarity is a leading provider of corporate telephony in emerging markets. On the other hand, Gupshup is a leading operator in the messaging market,” said Ambarish Gupta, Partner. Founder of “Nolarity”:

Knowledge enables automated communication, allowing operators to work with the cloud. The company provides organizations with an efficient communication network through cloud solutions like Click to call, number masking, multi-tiered IVR, WhatsApp Business API, Toll-free no, Embeddable Video Platform, AI-based tools like Speech Analytics & VoiceBot / ChatBot and many more. Knowledge enables employee teams to work virtually so business activities are not disrupted, and work is possible from anywhere.

Knowledge solutions are used in a variety of industries such as the financial industry, consumer goods, IT/ITeS, and healthcare, in a variety of customer service operations including sales, customer acquisition, customer service, support, bot chats, surveys and feedback, logistics, delivery, and remote work. Collaboration with Google Cloud for Speech Analytics and integration with the world’s leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Freshworks, Hubspot, and Zoho are some of its advantages. Knowlarity boasts the largest number of unicorn clients in the voiceover market in India.

“As the connection between businesses and consumers becomes a conversation, Gupshup is providing more and more ways to provide businesses with compelling solutions. With the addition of Knowlarity products, companies will now be able to build seamless conversational approaches in both Call and voice channels. Knowlarity is the undisputed leader in the voice services market – its comprehensive suite of cloud telephony and call center automation products, combined with outstanding customer service, will cement Gupshup’s leadership position. I am pleased to welcome the Knowlarity team into the Gupshup family” .

Companies’ need to maintain effective communication with customers is essential to building strong, long-term relationships, regardless of sector, stage or markets. The pandemic has only highlighted this need – and has also heightened the need for hassle-free, unified communications solutions that allow organizations to communicate with their customers through all channels.

In 2021, Gupshup became a rhino with a valuation of $1.4 billion and raised $340 million from Tiger Global, Fidelity Management and Research Co. LLC and other important international investors. This is the second acquisition by Gupshup in the past four months after its merger with Dotgo, the world’s largest RCS (Rich Communication Services) platform.

The transaction is expected to close at the end of February 2022 provided the usual closing conditions are met.

Information source: Business Wire

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