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The Chinese have developed an unprecedented image processing technology

The Chinese have developed an unprecedented image processing technology

Hisense has made a breakthrough in 8K AI image processing technology. This is a contribution to the development of the global display industry

The Chinese have developed an unprecedented image processing technology
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Chinese paid product. TV and Home Appliances, Hisense recently officially launched its 8K AI Perceptual Processor (Hi-View HV8107), once again increasing its image quality competitiveness in the display technology industry. This is a major breakthrough in the development and commercialization of 8K technology in the Ultra-HD (UHD) segment represented by Hisense.

Yu Zhitao, Vice President of Hisense Group and President of Hisense Visual Technology, announced that 2022 will be a turning point for the TV technology industry: it will replace current key competitive factors in the industry, such as price and screen size. By choosing the appropriate layouts and image quality.

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In 2005, Hisense successfully developed and put into production the first digital image processing engine under intellectual property rights. By 2022, the new Hisense processor will already be the fifth generation. For the first time, it enables the transition from 4K to 8K technology and contributes to a breakthrough in the core technology of an AI-based image quality algorithm.

Hi-View HV8107 chip not only supports more than 33 million pixels resolution, but 26,880 separate area control and powerful AI detection functions can effectively improve the sharpness, contrast and 3D sense of TV images, allowing users to immerse themselves in the viewing. expertise. Incredible effects are also achieved in terms of trajectory capture details of fast-moving objects, skin tone improvement and noise reduction.

The chip has already been mass-produced and will be used in many Hisense-branded TVs and monitors, including Toshiba products. In addition to televisions, the chip can also improve the performance of professional 8K image display products. Hisense is reported to have made a significant contribution to the research and development program of the Winter Olympiad in Science and Technology. Hisense is working with China Media Group to develop 8K broadcast displays, greatly supporting the future of the industry focused on achieving full 8K UHD quality.

Source: Hisense, PR Newswire

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