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Google Maps no longer shows Ukraine traffic

Google Maps no longer shows Ukraine traffic

Google has temporarily disabled data about real-time traffic and road conditions on Google Maps for Ukraine

Google Maps no longer shows Ukraine traffic
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The company said that after consulting with sources (including regional authorities), it has taken steps to shut down the global traffic layer in Google Maps and live information about how crowded places such as shops and restaurants in Ukraine are, due to the safety of local residents. communities in this country.

Social media and big technology are reacting to criticism from Internet users, accusing them of passivity towards Russia’s behavior, and calls from the Ukrainian government. Elon Musk announced on Saturday evening that the Starlink satellite network in Ukraine has become available for the Internet.

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Major tech companies, including Google, have announced that they are taking new measures to protect the safety of civilian users in war zones.

Analysts and a scientist who studies military operations have taken a closer look at websites and social networks. A professor at California’s Middlebury Institute of International Studies told Reuters that Google Maps helped him track a “traffic jam” that was actually Russia’s move toward the border hours before Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the attack. Read more

Google said live traffic information remains available to drivers using step-by-step area navigation.

Source: Reuters


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