Bituminous what is it, how does it work and where can we find it?

Bituminous what is it, how does it work and where can we find it?


The popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially bicoin, continues to grow, so no one should be surprised that devices that allow their exchange have also been created. Unfortunately, there are not many of them in Poland yet, but this number will certainly increase significantly if interest in virtual money remains at least at the current level. What is bituminous and how does it work ?

bitumat – what is it?

A bitcoin machine is a device that works like a classic ATM that allows you to exchange bitcoins for real money and vice versa. Although we can also find those that only allow buying, those that allow binary transactions are definitely more popular.

How does bituminous work?

Bitomas is an ATM that supports cryptocurrency, so it works on a similar principle. The main difference is that in order to be able to work at an ATM, we must have a bank account. Every such transaction is recorded, regardless of whether we do it with a payment card or BLIK. Bitomats, unlike ATMs, are completely anonymous and the deposit/withdrawal process itself looks a little different.

Of course, most of the time we will meet only with bitcoin, but some of them also allow you to make transactions on other popular altcoins.

How to deposit and withdraw cash from bitumat

Converting bitcoin to cash (or vice versa) is relatively simple. Either way, of course, we will need the Bitomat, Bitcoin wallet address, and cash if we make a deposit. There are many such wallets on the Internet, although the most convenient option in this case is the mobile application.

How to buy bitcoins

  1. We choose the option to buy bitcoin (or buy bitcoin, if bitumat is in Polish),
  2. We provide the wallet address (usually in the form of a QR code to be scanned),
  3. We put the right amount in the bituminous,
  4. We accept the transaction if everything is correct.

How to withdraw money

  1. We choose the option to sell bitcoin and
  2. We give the amount for which we want to sell bitcoins. Their number should be updated with the change of the amount,
  3. We approve the amount and choose the authentication method (e-mail or SMS),
  4. Enter the code that we must receive on the phone number or email address provided,
  5. After verification, the bitomas will show the wallet address to which we have to transfer the sold bitcoins. The simplest option, as in the case of depositing, is to scan the QR code and agree to the process in the application,
  6. After confirming the operation, once again select the option to sell bitcoin and make the payment by entering the code that we will receive to the previously indicated phone number or email address.

Bitums and commissions

Bitomats have their advantages, such as the anonymity and speed of transactions, but unfortunately, the exchange of cryptocurrency with its help also involves a large commission charged by the operators. Most often, it is a small percentage of each transaction, so in this regard, an exchange in another way may be more beneficial.

How to find bitumas in Poland

Unfortunately, at the moment, the number of bitumen available in Poland is very small, but it is likely that it will increase over time. Currently, we can find it only in large cities, and, of course, in Warsaw. Interestingly, the location of these bitumen can be checked on Google Maps typing “bitomat”, but unfortunately not all of them are there. Depending on where you live, it is best to simply use the search engine and enter “bitomat + name of a larger town nearby”. There is a good chance that at least one bituma is present.


Cryptocurrency regulations in Poland are quite clear, although it has not always been so. From all cryptocurrency trading income we must pay tax , as well as from those made from bituminous. Although transactions of this type are completely anonymous and virtually untraceable, at any time the tax office may be interested in the source of the funds we have and start an inspection.

Where do you get cryptocurrency?

The easiest way to own the cryptocurrency of choice is of course to buy it. Interestingly, this is not the only possibility, as we can get them in many other ways. For example, it can be, for example, faucets of cryptocurrency that we receive for free, or even digging.


Let’s face it, the bitomas cryptocurrency exchange is not the best solution, although it has its advantages. The largest of them, of course, is full of anonymity of the transaction and the time of its execution . The disadvantages, in turn, include a very large commission, which we can avoid by deciding on an online exchange, for example in a cryptocurrency exchange. However, it is worth knowing about such a possibility, because online commerce is not always possible, for example in the case of problems with identity verification.

What do you think of bitumas? Should there be more of them in Poland? Share your opinion in the comment.

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