Free Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and altcoins with no deposit

Free Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and altcoins with no deposit

Cryptocurrencies, despite the large fluctuations in prices, still allow you to earn a lot. However, this is a very risky investment, and not everyone can afford it.

They are an interesting solution for such people. Free cryptocurrencies we can easily collect online.

Although we will not receive large sums immediately, it will help us start the adventure of earning them. So where do you get your bitcoins and altcoins no deposit required ?

Free cryptocurrency – how to understand it?

Before we jump into specific ways to get free cryptocurrencies, we must realize that they are not really “free”. Although obtaining it does not require any deposit from us, each time it is associated with some activity, thus a waste of free time.

Sometimes it is enough just to register on the site to receive them , and sometimes we have to do more.

Creating accounts on the sites they offer to get started with free cryptocurrencies is a good way to get them, but unfortunately it’s a one-off.

Of course we can use many pages of this type and collect them in one place, but they will eventually run out.

So, in the long run, portals are better in this regard, thanks to which we can get them regularly.

Where is the free cryptocurrency collected?

We can collect free cryptocurrency in many ways, but it is best not to limit yourself to one. Thanks to this, we will get a lot more from them, which in turn will translate into greater profits.

Of course, we must realize that if something is free, it certainly isn’t much.

But nevertheless it is worth paying attention to this topic, because, as the saying goes, ” a penny to a penny, and it will be coconuts .” So what are our options?

صنابير Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency faucets

Faucets are one of the most popular ways to get cryptocurrency with no deposit.

All we have to do in them, to get our coins for free, is to click on the appropriate button every certain period of time.

It should be noted that many of them also offer other possibilities to increase your balance, which makes their acquisition even faster.

Playing games and completing tasks


Another suggestion is Rollercoin , where we can earn money from games and performing specific tasks. As for the service, it is a cryptocurrency mining simulator where we build passive income by increasing our mining power. Admittedly, we also have the option to buy miners for money, but even without any deposit (for the activity itself), you can collect a lot of bitcoins and altcoins.

Passive income for using the browser

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a web browser available for computers and smartphones. Simply install it and allow non-intrusive ads to receive free cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.

It’s worth emphasizing here that the browser is really good and could be a very interesting alternative to Google Chrome – even if we turn off ads altogether and give up on earning.

take down the air

aerial encryption

Airdrops are another interesting way to get free cryptocurrencies that we can get for some activities.

Usually this coin is not very demanding, but unfortunately the coins offered are only for new projects, so we cannot count on the most popular cryptocurrencies.

However, there is a possibility that the unknowns will reach a satisfactory value after some time and the sale will simply pay off.

Collect bitcoins or altcoins

With so few options, and at the same time limited free time, the question may arise – what is best for collecting? Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, such as altcoins.

Indeed, it is difficult to find an unambiguous answer here. On the one hand, bitcoin still offers the most opportunities, but on the other hand – sometimes we can earn more than altcoins.

When deciding on a particular cryptocurrency, we must also take into account the possible change in the rate from the moment a particular cryptocurrency is acquired until it is sold.

Let’s take an example to better illustrate the whole situation. Let’s combine a bitcoin, which currently costs about PLN 150,000, with some little-known altcoin, which costs, say, PLN 1. In order to double the value of our cryptocurrencies, a bitcoin would have to cost PLN 300,000. If such an alternative currency exists, it is sufficient for its price to go to PLN 2.

Of course, the fact that it is theoretically easier to change the exchange rate from PLN 1 to PLN 2, from PLN 150,000 to PLN 300,000, does not immediately mean that this will happen. Likewise, your chosen altcoin may never rise in value (or even fall), and bitcoin may never rise again.

Therefore, each person must make the decision to choose a cryptocurrency on their own, or somehow divide it and collect several of them at the same time.

How to store bitcoin and altcoins

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet

Collecting free cryptocurrency is one thing, but there is also the issue of proper storage. In the case of the above methods, all the collected coins go to the internal balance, so in theory, we don’t need an extra wallet.

However, in some cases you will have to transfer it, for example, if we want to withdraw it from bitumens or have immediate access to it, without waiting for payment from the site.

How to sell collected cryptocurrency for free

How to buy cryptocurrency bitcoins

The most fun part of earning cryptocurrencies is definitely exchanging them for real money. Of course, there are no major problems with that – especially when it comes to bitcoin.

In the case of altcoins, the possibilities may be a bit limited, but it can also be done.

How to make money with bitcoin and altcoins

How to make money from cryptocurrency like bitcoin

Of course, earning cryptocurrency is definitely a more extensive topic and is not limited to collecting free coins.

Although getting them can help you familiarize yourself with the topic and provide a better start, we must take into account the fact that the amount of coins received will not be very large without a deposit.

It’s a different matter if we decide to invest – even if it is relatively small.

Is it worth collecting free cryptocurrency? – opinions

In fact, nothing in life is completely free, so we must be aware of it.

However, in the case of cryptocurrencies, getting them costs us only free time, if, of course, we decide to collect free coins. Therefore, when someone does not have a better idea of ​​how to use it, it is worth paying attention to this topic.

Moreover, it may happen that the rate of the obtained cryptocurrencies will rise significantly so that they will be exchanged and all the “fun” will result in a good profit.

Do you collect free cryptocurrency? What do you think that? Share your opinion in the comment.

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