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Remote work outside the home – how to prepare for it?

Remote work outside the home – how to prepare for it?

The increasingly beautiful weather makes leaving the house easier.

In the age of remote work, not taking time off doesn’t mean you have to work from your office or home.

How do you prepare to perform your official duties from anywhere?

Hybrid work is appreciated by employees for their great freedom. Most companies around the world are currently operating in this model.

Employees appear in the office from time to time to maintain relationships with colleagues, sort out the most important matters and decide which tasks need to be done.

Employers have noted that remote work has many positive aspects . A large percentage of employees experience higher work efficiency when they perform remotely.

Remote work does not have to be done from home.  Source: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash
Remote work does not have to be done from homeSource: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash


The current perception of hybrid work includes visits to the office and working from home . On the other hand, remote work can be carried out from anywhere in the world with the availability of the Internet and energy .

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Spring is the perfect time of the year for physical activity and spending time outside the home or office . At the same time, we don’t have to take advantage of our vacation to enjoy the nice weather. In the era of remote work, we can take care of it anywhere .

Thanks to this solution , we will not neglect our official duties, and at the same time we will be able to enjoy freedom and take a break from the bustle of the city. .

Today’s equipment allows you to work remotely from anywhere in the world

The coronavirus pandemic has forced changes in business equipment management. Currently, the vast majority of employees have modern laptops and smartphones .

It is currently the standard equipment for office workers regardless of their position.

Equipment should be prepared for remote work Source: Miles Peacock / Unsplash
It is worth preparing equipment for remote workSource: Miles Peacock / Unsplash


Modern laptops allow you to work comfortably in the office and at home. Thanks to many affordable accessories, we will be able to do our work anywhere in the world .

What additional elements must be equipped to work comfortably even from an open space?

The anti-reflective filter will effectively reduce the amount of light reflected from the matrix

The vast majority of laptops for work have a surface matrix . It reflects the sun’s rays making it possible to work in poor lighting conditions.

There is also a business PC with glossy matrices on the market. These are templates mainly intended for people who work with photos and videos on a daily basis.

No matter what type of screen you have, we can also improve its readability in sunlight thanks to the anti-reflective filter .

This element, which costs from a few dozen to a little more than a hundred zlotys, will also reduce the amount of light that reaches the matrix.

The anti-reflective filter can be used on matrices with a matte or glossy surface.

There are both universal chips on the market that we can cut to the dimensions of our screen, and customized solutions for the most popular laptops for example Apple MacBooks.

3m Anti-Reflective Filter Source:
3M anti-reflection filterSource:


The anti-reflective filter can also be purchased in the form of a screen protector film . It is then permanently affixed to the screen and also protects it from scratches and accidental damage. This is a good solution for owners of 2-in-1 devices and tablets.

The power bank for laptop will greatly extend your working time

Modern notebook computers have efficient batteries that allow several hours of operation when unplugged.

Unfortunately, in sunlight, the maximum illumination of the matrix must be used, which significantly increases energy consumption.

Fortunately most laptops already charge with the generic USB Type C connector and it’s also compatible with Thunderbolt technology on the more expensive models.

Modern laptops can be easily recharged from a power bank . A properly capacious model will allow you to charge the laptop battery and extend the working time for a few more hours.

Powerbank for a laptop Source:
Powerbank for a laptopSource:


Reputable producers of computer peripherals offer dedicated models that support fast and powerful charging (eg 65W) and mobile phone charging functionality at the same time . We can buy this type of accessory for just over PLN 200.

A power bank for a laptop can be useful in many situations, for example during a power outage in an apartment or a business trip . With its help , we will provide ourselves with an external source of energy that will allow us to function even on a trip to tents .

Mobile 4G LTE / 5G modem will take care of the quality of the network connection

Certain commercial laptop computers have built-in cellular modems . It’s not a standard, but fortunately it’s not a problem. Just equip yourself with a mobile 4G LTE or 5G modem that will take care of connecting to the network.

Dedicated Wi-Fi routers with a built-in modem have much more powerful antennas than those built into a mobile phone or laptop .

They allow internet connection from places with worse coverage . In addition , in case of problems, we can use external antennas, which we connect to the modem using dedicated connectors.

5G mobile modem Source:
Mobile 5G modemSource:


A portable W-Fi router with a built-in cellular modem would be much better than a hotspot built into a business smartphone. The phone is discharged in Internet connection sharing mode very quickly, and what is more, the connection may be disconnected while talking, which negatively affects the smoothness of work.

We presented the detailed issues of modems in our article “ Mobile 5G Modem – Is It Worth Attention?”

Proper accessories will increase safety during pregnancy

Remote working increases the risk of accidental damage to equipment . Deciding to go out of town, it is worth equipping yourself with a suitable backpack or bag , which will protect our equipment from mechanical damage.

Thule laptop backpack with organizer Source:
Thule laptop backpack with organizerSource:


The vast majority of user-caused hardware failures are due to insufficient security of the computer while in transit .

Remote work means unlimited freedom in the performance of official duties. Source: bruce mars / Unsplash
Remote work means unlimited freedom in performing professional dutiesSource: Bruce Mars / Unsplash


When deciding to work remotely from outside the place of residence, it is worth choosing a briefcase or backpack with an organizer that allows us to easily carry all the items necessary for work – a power supply, power bank, mobile phone or mouse. It’s also a good idea to buy a bag specifically for the laptop itself .

This item will also protect our main work device from accidental scratches or scrapes caused by carrying it around with other accessories.


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