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Smartphone market in 2021 with record sales result

Smartphone market in 2021 with record sales result

Last year, the smartphone market set a record. At the top, there are no changes for Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. How much is the entire smartphone market worth now?

2021 was a record year for the mobile device market . Remote work, which contributed to the modernization of equipment in many companies, as well as among recipient individuals, had a significant impact on the record increases.

iPhone 13 family of smartphones Source:
iPhone 13 family of smartphonesSource:


Despite the persistent shortage of semiconductors and disrupted supply chains, 2021 will be remembered as the year of growth for the PC, tablet and smartphone market .

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Analytical firm Counterpoint Research joint annual report on the entire smartphone market . The latest edition sums up last year, which turned out to be a record. In 2021, the entire global smartphone market was valued at $448 billion . This is a common standard for mobile devices. For comparison , in 2020, the smartphone market was worth $382 billion .

Smartphone manufacturers are currently generating the highest revenues in history, and the struggle for the driver’s seat is incredibly fierce .

The five largest manufacturers in the market are responsible for more than 85% of the revenue in the smartphone market . It’s one of them being Apple , Samsung , Xiaomi , Oppo (along with in-house brands), and Vivo .

The company on the platform was Apple , which generated $196 billion in revenue from the sale of smartphones . Influencing this high score has a very good market acceptance of the latest smartphones from the iPhone 13 family that appeared on the market in September 2021.

Apple was responsible for 44% of all global smartphone revenue . The average value of one device is $835.

Samsung came in second place . The company was created $ 72 billion profits from the sale of smart phones . The average price for a single device is $263. The Korean manufacturer has become rich in selling budget models and flagship smartphones from the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z (foldable smartphones) families.

The last place on the platform belongs to Xiaomi . The Chinese manufacturer generated $37 billion in revenue from selling smartphones . This result is due to the flagship models of the Mi 11 family and the mid-range models – the Redmi Note 10. Interestingly, Xiaomi is selling more and more expensive smartphones – as consumers are eager to reach the flagship models whose price easily exceeds PLN 3,000.


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