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Tesla sets a record number of orders for fuel prices

Tesla sets a record number of orders for fuel prices


Fuel prices have risen dramatically due to the war in Ukraine. The increases led to increased orders for Tesla electric vehicles. Elon Musk may be celebrating, but he also has a serious problem to solve.

The outbreak of war in Ukraine caused an avalanche in fuel prices . This phenomenon is watched by motorists from all over the world. In Poland, the price of fuel increased from about PLN 5.50 per liter of PB 95 in February 2022 to approximately PLN 7 per liter of PB 95 in the first half of March 2022. Diesel fuel is on average 1 PLN more expensive, and these Not the end of high fuel prices .

Tesla Model Y Source:
Tesla Model YSource:


High fuel prices have hit Americans who haven’t yet paid attention to burning their cars. Tesla has seen record orders for new vehicles in recent days .

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No doubt Elon Musk has reasons to be happy, but he also needs to be careful .

According to research firm CICC , nickel prices have risen dramatically . All due to the fact that these raw materials are mainly exported from Russia . The war in Ukraine increased the cost of building a battery pack for Tesla electric cars by about $1,580 .

Tesla decided to raise the prices of its cars . The popular Model Y increased by up to $10,000 over the course of the year. However, this does not deter buyers. The Electrek portal reports a significant increase in demand for Tesla cars.

In select regions of the United States, orders for Tesla cars increased by 100% in one week . Consumers place orders despite significant price increases for cars – particularly the cheaper models – the 3 and the Y.

The current delivery dates for the cars are July 2022 for the Model 3 and September 2022 for the Model Y. Tesla is working to open a Giga plant in Texas. A modern factory must shorten waiting times for new cars, but Tesla must take into account issues with semiconductor availability . Ukraine has halted supplies of neon, which may translate into other problems in semiconductor production.

Currently, there is no data on the sale of electric cars in Europe in the past few days.


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