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Opera will accept Internet addresses that contain emitters

Opera will accept Internet addresses that contain emitters

The creators of the well-known Opera browser know that it will soon support technology that will allow it to treat Internet addresses in the form of emojis. The new functionality will be implemented by a company from Yat in collaboration with Opera. It’s the start of selling sentiment urls, owning a domain.

Opera says the new token technology will make it easier for users to find sites served by the domain. After introducing this mechanism to the Opera browser, the user will no longer have to add to it by entering an address with icons, which is now necessary. In addition, icons embedded in URLs that point to web pages will now be automatically linked to the appropriate Yat page.

Users will be able to customize their Yat pages or redirect them to anywhere on the Internet. They will also be able to purchase and use their own emoji-enabled domain name without using Yat links at all. However, you do have to pay to use addresses with codes, and there is a simple rule here. The fewer emoticons a web address contains, the more expensive it is.

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Opera draws attention to the fact that more than 90% of Internet users in the world (and there are more than 4.5 billion of them in total) use emoticons in different ways, thus expressing their mood and feelings, such as sadness, joy, thought, anger or anger. By inserting such logos into web addresses, they will now be able to extend this kind of emotional expression to another area.

Opera’s announcement appears yesterday when it announces another important novelty – the availability of the next version of the browser (so far it is a beta version) called Crypto Browser, which supports the Internet in the Web3 version. As the name suggests, it offers features such as a built-in crypto wallet or an interface that provides easy access to cryptocurrencies.


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