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Motivational motivation – what is it and how do you find it?

Motivational motivation – what is it and how do you find it?

We all desire success, even though it means different things to everyone. But preparation alone is not sufficient if it is not accompanied by appropriate action. For this, in turn, you need one additional stimulus that will push us forward and allow us to achieve our goals. What exactly is it and where do you get it?

Motivation – Definition

Before we get down to business, let’s start by defining the concept itself. Basically, motivation is a variety of factors that aim to make you behave in a certain way. Skillfully finding them allows you to increase the level of skills in many key areas of life, for example in work, sports, science, art, etc.

The word comes from the Latin ” motive “, which we can translate as ” mobile phone “.

types of stimulation

Although motivation always tends to achieve the set goal, it can be divided into several types. These differ in terms of their mode of action, course, efficacy and conditions of use. Motivation can be:

  • Indoor and Outdoor,
  • Positive and negative,
  • Speak, etc.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation It works for itself, without external reward. It is caused only by one’s own needs, the implementation of which does not guarantee additional benefits (such as materials), but gives some satisfaction. It is a kind of motivation, the basis of which must be present in personality traits, interests, etc. A good example would be a willingness to learn and expand knowledge, even if we don’t need it for anything. It is also often called intrinsic motivation i.e. encouraging yourself to take action.

Extrinsic motivation which in turn does not depend on us and depends on external factors, such as money. The element that drives us to take action is the end effect, not the process itself, that drives us to perform a particular action. A simple example here is a job that we do on someone’s command just to get paid.

Positive and negative motivation

We can also divide motivation into positive (positive) and negative (negative) . We talk about the former when we pursue our goal with an optimistic attitude, believing in our abilities. In contrast, with respect to the latter, if we perform specific tasks only to avoid hatred, punishment or other consequences of negligence. As a rule, it is accompanied by pessimism and a sense of threat, for example regarding the possibility of losing one’s job.

Conscious and unconscious motivation

When we talk about impulse, we usually mean conscious , that is, that we are aware of and can control. However, it is worth knowing that there is also this unconscious where we do not know exactly what drives us to act.

How do you increase your motivation?

In order to achieve the set goal, we must first find the appropriate motivation that will make it easier for us. Unfortunately, this is not always that easy, but there are some methods that are worth trying. What is worth doing?:

  • Goal Analysis – First of all, we have to think carefully about what is important to us and what exactly we want to achieve. With awareness, it will be easier for us to start and complete the planned task,
  • set a reward for action – in this way we will focus on the pleasure that awaits us after completing the task, and not on the difficulties associated with taking action,
  • Let others know what we intend to do – a simple yet effective way to increase our motivation. It capitalizes on the unpleasant feeling, and sometimes low self-esteem, caused by the failure to complete a task. This method works because having witnesses to our potential failure, we are more determined to achieve the goal,
  • Analyzing the positive and negative effects of achieving or not achieving the goal – realizing the benefits that result from taking action and the potential disruption of inaction can have a motivating effect,
  • Choose a simpler task to start with – starting with something easier, we have a much better chance of being successful right away, and that will definitely encourage us to keep going. On the other hand, by undertaking difficult tasks immediately, we may not be able to cope with them, which, unfortunately, can effectively discourage the implementation of new ones,
  • Choose the appropriate degree of difficulty – taking into account the above point, it is worth noting, however, that the task can not be very simple, because often such tasks quickly get bored. Of course, very difficult, because then we will be frustrated,
  • Take the first step – When doing any task, the starting minutes are usually the most important. This is because it is easier for us to continue something once we have started than to get started. Without the most difficult first step – by constantly putting everything off until later, we have a good chance that we will not start work at all,
  • Use the Swiss cheese method – having a large task to perform, it is worth dividing it into several smaller ones that we can finish relatively quickly. In this way, we will make good use of our free time, even if we have a little during the day, and we will slowly approach our goal. Thanks to this, we will not get bored of constantly sitting on one task,
  • Know well about the topic – having the appropriate knowledge, it will be easier for us to move on to the implementation of a specific task, as it seems much easier. In addition, it is better to break it into smaller parts, which will not take long to complete.

Sentences and quotes to motivate action

In addition to the above methods that help in achieving your goals, you should also be interested in motivational quotes. Many of them carry a really interesting message, so they can to some extent increase the desire to take action and do the most important thing, the first step.

What is needed for

In fact, we need the right motivation at every step. Sometimes even for seemingly trivial activities, like cleaning a . However, we look for it most often for:

  • work and
  • Knowledge _
  • exercise and
  • life .

It is noteworthy that even with the same goal, the factors that motivate us to act do not have to be the same as in other people. Work might be an example, where for some the only motivation is to see the loss of livelihood. However, instead of focusing on the negative side, it is definitely better to look for the positive side and set more ambitious goals. This can be, for example, the achievement of financial freedom, some large purchases, etc.

Of course, we must remember that motivation is not always high. Therefore, sometimes you need to strengthen it again or look for another item to constantly carry out the planned tasks.


Unfortunately, many of us tend to waste our valuable time on unimportant things that don’t add up. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that if we enjoy it. However, sometimes it is worth thinking about what we would like to change in our life and strive to achieve it. All we have to do is set one real goal , find the right motivation and get to work to make it happen.

Maybe you have your own ways to increase motivation? Share them in the comment.

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