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Mechanical keyboard – great for typing, not just for gamers

Mechanical keyboard – great for typing, not just for gamers

A mechanical keyboard is often associated with gamers and technology enthusiasts. In practical terms, it is also ideal equipment for people who write a lot.

The mechanical keyboard is very durable / Photo.  Pedro Costa,
The mechanical keyboard is very durable / Photo. Pedro Costa,

Standard and mid-range keyboards often only last a short time. If someone writes a lot, they may have a problem after only a few months. Some keys will stop pressing, or they will start responding much worse than when the keyboard was new. Meanwhile, the mechanical keyboard does not face such problems. It is more expensive, but more durable. In addition, it provides great convenience in work.

There are many keyboards on the market, but the best ones are full size boards with a separate digital block. They have large and convenient keys, and if we perform different calculations, then the digital block will become irreplaceable. These are ideal keyboards for people who value great comfort, and at the same time often enter numbers.


Later we have 1800 keyboards (96%) which are a bit smaller but still keep all the keys and the digital block. It’s just that the spacing between the keys has been shortened a bit. Next, we have Tankeyless keyboards with 87 keys and no numeric keypad. There are 75% keyboards too – no block, no space allocated with the arrow keys. There are also more compact models on the market – 65 and 60%. This keyboard, for example, may not have arrow keys, but the option to program other keys – so that, if necessary, they act as arrows or perform other functions.

Mechanical keyboard can be loud

A mechanical keyboard usually has one downside: it’s very loud. However, there are at least some steps we can take to make it silent.

The easiest way is to buy a desk pad. It can greatly mute keyboard sounds as it reduces keyboard vibrations and movement and thus also noise. After that, we can add foam to the keyboard – it requires more work and interferes with the internal hardware. However, the foam greatly suppresses the action. Besides, there are rubber rings that we will put on the keys in a mechanical keyboard. There are other ways – from fasteners to replacing switches with others. For this reason, it is worth buying a keyboard that allows you to replace keys and similar improvements.

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Working on a mechanical keyboard is pure fun. It will be appreciated by every professional who enters a lot of characters on the keyboard every day.


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