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McDonald’s enters the world of the metaverse

McDonald’s enters the world of the metaverse

A popular fast-food chain decided to enter the world of Web3, including the virtual metaverse, and recently submitted dozens of applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for patents for its brands.

These are trademarks used by the McDonald’s and McCafe networks. They include signs (including NFT codes) identifying various food and beverage products in a virtual space, as well as banners advertising online virtual restaurants, while simultaneously offering home delivery of ordered meals. Other characters relate to events and entertainment offered under the McDonald’s and McCafe brands, including online and real-world concerts.

All brands will be used by McDonald’s restaurants operating in both the metaverse and the real world. In the first case, these will be, for example, characters associated with virtual dishes, and in the second, for example, real sausages.

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For example, it would work like this: we sit at home in front of a computer screen, travel through the metaverse and at some point we will get hungry. Without giving up the goggles, we enter the virtual McDonald’s, where we place an order, choosing a virtual dish. We accept the order and in a few dozen minutes the real dish appears before our miracles.

Instead, the USPTO will almost certainly approve the trademarks submitted to it, although the verification process in such cases takes several months. Similar requests were made by the previously known Panera Bread chain in the USA. These included brands belonging to the specially created “Paneraverse” group, which covers NFT tokens, virtual entertainment services and a virtual prize draw program.

Nike has even set up its own Metaverse studio and has similar plans to patent virtual assets, from avatars to so-called cryptokicks (cryptokicks), while Gucci and Microsoft are bringing in teams of employees who will work on the metaverse and associated brands.

Analysts predict that by the end of this year, most companies will have to enter this business if they are to enter the physical and virtual markets. There may be no turning back on this technology and all indications are that attempts to ignore it are doomed to fail.

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