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The IT sector is the employee market

The IT sector is the employee market

According to the Experis report, the ICT sectors suffer from a talent shortage. On a yearly basis, the list of job offers in the IT field has almost doubled

The IT sector is the employee market
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In 2021, more than 231,000 people appeared on the Polish Internet. Job offers for employees in the ICT sector. You can see getting used to the pandemic, as the demand for IT staff is steadily increasing from January to October. Only the “Polish deal” cooled employers’ enthusiasm – in November and December companies cut hiring (the big unknown was the amount of salaries “available” in the new tax system). Despite this, the number of job offers posted in the fourth quarter was twice as high as in the first quarter of 2021. In all of 2020, 126,000 IT jobs were sought. employees.

Experis professionals point out the most in-demand IT experts and how the demand for talent has changed.

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Experis used the Job Market Insights tool for the study.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, many entrepreneurs have scrambled to implement digital solutions in their organizations. The advanced technological revolution has strengthened the position of candidates in the field of information technology in the labor market and increased the demand for these specialists. Demand definitely exceeded supply. In 2021, we had a record talent shortage in Poland, and IT personnel were referred to as one of the most difficult-to-get professional groups ”- confirms Justina Mazur, Business Line Leader implementing permanent IT recruitment under the Experis brand. He adds that The digitization of companies has had a significant impact on the look and role of IT departments and certainly contributed to changing the demand for competencies.” Of course, the basic skills needed in the IT sector are still challenging and technical competencies. Candidates are expected to know programming languages ​​such as Java and Python, or the most common front-end frameworks. However, the importance of interpersonal skills is also increasing more and more. Today, IT employees are seen as consultants who can translate business needs into technical language. This is why it is so important that they can communicate effectively with others, be able to collaborate, and demonstrate creativity, flexibility and initiative.”

Experience: Number of IT job offers in Poland in 2021

A particularly intense increase in the number of advertisements was recorded at the beginning of the year. In January 2021 the number was 21,000. Advertisements, in February employers are about 24 thousand, while in March – more than 6 thousand. more. In April, the number of ads exceeded 34,000, but in the following month, May, the indicator fell slightly. It was only at the start of the holiday season that employers ramped up their efforts to hire new employees. In June and July, companies posted more than 35,000. Job offers addressed to candidates. Recruiters peaked in August (over 36,000), September (38,000) and October (40,000 bids). In December, the level fell to August.

What competencies and experiences are companies looking for? The most in demand are programmers, cybersecurity and big data professionals. “The deployment of remote work has significantly increased the demand for cloud solutions – and thus the demand for professionals such as cloud engineer, cloud engineer and cloud administrator in the labor market has increased. In the past twelve months, there have also been many job offers for front-end and back-end developers, architects and engineers. Networks and people in the analytics systems positions. There is no indication that this trend will change in 2022. It is worth noting that since the beginning of the pandemic, we have observed an increased willingness to hire big data professionals in the market.A data scientist, data engineer or big data engineer can Or a data analyst, choose from among the professional offerings.Cyber ​​security-related disciplines are also definitely gaining importance – says Agnieszka Grzybowska, IT Recruitment Manager at Experis. The expert notes that in 2021 we also noticed many changes taking place in the labor market and affecting employment in the IT sector, for example as a result of the spread of remote work and workplace, moreover, the employee’s country of residence has lost its relevance. “Since the beginning of 2021, employers have had to compete intensively not only with domestic organizations, but also with foreign ones, which have provided Polish IT professionals with attractive working conditions – without the need to move. This trend is likely to continue to grow as the feeling is being felt There is a shortage of qualified experts across Europe. Typically companies from Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway are reaching out to Polish IT employees,” summarizes Agnieszka Grzybowska.


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