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How to earn money by playing games with WinZO app?

How to earn money by playing games with WinZO app?


If you want to earn money by playing games on mobile, then today’s post is for you, because in this article we will tell you about a mobile application, with which you can earn money by playing more than 100 games. Be. The name of this app is WinZO app so let’s know how to earn money playing WinZO Games? Winzo khel kar paisa kaise kamaye games in hindi?

Who does not like mobile games, and if there is a profit by playing it, who does not like it. Yes, today we will tell you about the WinZO application, where you get more than 100 games, with which you can earn good money by playing your favorite online game.

You can earn up to Rs 2 crore by playing more than 70 fun games on this Winzo app. How reliable this game is, you can guess from its popularity. So let’s know first about this.

What is WinZO App or WinZO Games?

Winzo is an award winning social gaming platform where you can play different exciting games, compete with other players and earn real money. It is operated by Tiktok Skill Games Pvt Ltd.

Having more than 75 million users and available in more than 12 languages, this game is also available in Hindi. Winzo Games was founded in 2016 and since then they have paid more than 200 Crores as rewards to their users.

It is promoted by top YouTubers like CarryMinati. WinZO Games app is available on Google play store and Apple store, else you can also download WinZO APK from their official website

The main reason why it is more popular is the powerful reward scheme which provides users with many easy cash opportunities to win. It provides 24/7 support.

What languages ​​is WinZO available in?

It is currently available in around 12 major languages. Including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri.

How many games are there on WinZO?

You can play more than one game on WinZO, that too on the same platform. WinZO currently offers over 100 games, including Free Fire, Fruit Samurai, Cricket, Bubble Shooter, Basketball, Rapid Shoot, Quiz Game, Memory Mania, and Penalty Shoot.

How to make money playing WinZO Games?

There is a simple way to earn money from Winzo app, first you have to download and install winzo app on your mobile, after that you can earn money by playing your favorite game from the games in it.

How to download and install WinZo app?

Let us tell you step by step how you can download and install winzo app.

Step 1: Download the Winzo app

  • First of all visit her website go to .
  • Now you download and get $50 for clicking the button.
  • If you download the app from the link below, you’ll get $50 for free! We will meet.
Download Winzo . App

If you open this link in desktop, you will get this type of option, where you can get the link for it by entering your mobile number.

Step 2: Install the Winzo app

When you download winzo app apk, you have to install it on your mobile phone. After installation, you must register in it.

How to register in the WinZO application?

Let us also tell you about registering in the winzo app. Install and open the Winzo app and follow the steps below.

  • Select your preferred language and click the Continue button.
  • Now click on the Verify button and provide the required details.
  • Then enter your mobile phone number and press “Next”.
  • Now you can complete the registration by verifying the mobile number using OTP.

Remember, after completing the registration, you have to add the email id and other details to your winzo account so that it will be easier to login in the future. Now you can winzo app se paisa kama sakte ho.

Ways to make money with WinZO

Winzo app is Mobile se paisa kamane ka app through which you get easy way to earn money like,

1. Spin to win

This is the easiest and simplest way to earn money from winzo app, so you just have to click spin wheel and click spin button. This will give you Rs. 2 to Rs. Up to 1,000 bonuses are available.


In this section you will play popular games like RUMMY and Ludo, talk about category, team games, casual, sports, strategy, card games, arcade, cricket, esports, action and racing games available in this section.

3. World War

This section contains the most popular games like bubble shooter, fruite samurai and dumb bird, all these games are available for Android and iOS only.

4. Daily puzzle

These sections are mainly for puzzle games where you have a chance to win from 500 to 1000 INR. Each game has a different entry fee.

5. WinZO . Store

On Winzo Store, you get Trending PUBG, Free Fire Code, Asphalt 9, and Dominos. Besides that, you will also get discounts on major games in the world like Lors Mobile.

Apart from this, you can also get discount on subscription plan for online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Netflix here.

6. Fantasy League

You must know about Dream11 and My11Circle, yes you can run these apps by winzo and create your team and become a winner. Cricket, kabaddi and football are available in this area.

7. Winzo TV

In this section of Winzo app you can collect points by watching videos and earn money according to videos. That is, besides entertainment, there will now also be dividends.

8. Promotion

In this section, you get paid to follow Winzo Games’ official social accounts as well as promote other apps. Here you also get the option to win cashback.

9. Referral Program

If you want, apart from playing winzo games, you can also earn money by sharing winzo app with your friends, your friend will get 50$ and you will get 100$ credit.

List of Top 10 Games for WinZO:

Let us also tell you about some of the most popular winzo games. Top 10 games available on it.

  1. free fire
  2. samurai fruits
  3. metro surfer
  4. king of ludo
  5. Free Style Carrom
  6. swimming pool
  7. cricket
  8. bubble shooter
  9. Basketball
  10. quiz games

This is the list of top 10 Winzo games in Hindi, along with more than 100 other games available on it.

WinZO Winners List:

  • Mayank – R 30 lakh
  • Fishwas – R 25 lakh
  • Arun – 20 lakh
  • Vijay Rangnathan – Rs 15 lakh

How can players play in WinZO?

Players can play immediately if they wish, the results are announced after the game is over, after which instant prizes are distributed. Players can also use WinZO’s free betting practice mode if they wish to hone their skills.

There is a free training mode and multiple boot ups available for players to play with. If you wish, you can participate in the tournament format of these games, which are played day and night on the app. For this, you just have to select the current tournament of your choice and initially pay the ticket amount for each tournament.

These tournaments are run for a prize pool ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 This also varies from time to time. While at the end of the cycle, your winnings are credited to your WinZO wallet.

In addition to these games, WinZO also offers other fantasy games, daily competitions, and interesting sports leagues. Players can easily access the list of prizes and previous winners of any running tournament/league.

Advantages of playing in Winzo?

In WinZO all players are winners, yes you read that right, everyone. While many different real money game apps offer money only to the top scorers/rankers, WinZO makes sure that every player gets something to play with.

WinZO Baazigers (it’s called WinZO Players), if they wish, can easily add players near them to their friends list as well as chat with them in real time. WinZO also brings the popular group chat feature where players can communicate with everyone at the same time.

How do you earn money from WinZO referral program?

WinZO has a very prominent and powerful referral section. In this, players can share their referral link in different platforms like WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, etc. with a single click. This section gives a good earning opportunity to all players.

Each player benefits from their referral install when their referrals add money or play games in the app and when their referrals bring in other referrals.

Players can easily track their winnings and withdrawals in the “History” located in the “My Wallet” section. Players can also check their refresh level.

How to check cash balance in WinZO Wallet?

WinZO Wallet cash balance is divided into three, the details of which are given below.

  • Unplayed : This is the amount that players themselves have added.
  • Earnings : This amount is won by the player in the app, which can be withdrawn through UPI like PayTM, PhonePe, Goole Pay etc.
  • Cash Reward: This amount is earned in the players account, by achieving daily quests, Spin Wheel, referrals or app registration to participate in other competitions.

Players can check their wallet details in the “My Wallet” section and click on “History” to view the transaction details.

How to withdraw or add money from WinZO? Winthdraw and add money in the Winzo app

Players can easily withdraw the winning amount, and they can get it through Paytm, UPI or bank transfer methods.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount for each player is Rs. 50 / – she.
  • The minimum cash amount to add cash in the app is also 50 rupees. He is.

Players can use multiple options to add cash if they want – Paytm, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI or other wallets like – Ola money, Mobikwik, Freecharge, Jio Money.

Frequently asked questions about WinZO:

1. Is the Winzo app safe?

WinZO is completely safe. We are a member of the All India Games Federation (AIGF).

2. Does WinZO offer real money to play games?

Yes, WinZO offers real money to play Ludo, Carrom, Rummy, Poker and many other games.

3. How can I withdraw my winning money?

You can withdraw your money from any of our payment partners such as Paytm, Bank Transfer or UPI.

4. Is the WinZO app available for iOS users?

Yes, the WinZO app is available for iOS/Apple device users.

5. How many games are there on WinZO?

There are more than 100 games available on WinZO.

Is WinZO a member of the AIGF?

Yes, WinZO is a member of the AIGF (All India Games Federation).

With a huge user base and features, it’s only fair that players also have a lot of doubts and questions. In such cases, players can easily speak to their support team via this email

Hope you like my article How to make money playing WinZO games

So if you also want to earn money by playing the game then now winzo download app install it on your phone and start earning.

Share this game on social media with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so that they too can earn money from it.

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