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Intel and AMD suspend processor shipments to Russia

Intel and AMD suspend processor shipments to Russia

Intel and AMD responded quickly to US sanctions against Russia in connection with the war in Ukraine.

According to the latest report of the RBC portal, the largest producers of processors for personal computersIntel and AMDhave stopped delivering their products to Russian suppliers .

Intel processor source: Francesco Vantini / Unsplash
Intel processorSource: Francesco Vantini / Unsplash


According to the data provided by the Russian portal, the producers have notified their Russian partners of the suspension of the delivery of chips across the country . The new restrictions introduced will have a significant impact on the supply chain for desktop and laptop computers .

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A spokesperson for the Russian branch of Intala issued a press release on the web:

The company is closely monitoring the situation and is enforcing applicable sanctions and export control rules, including new OFAC sanctions and policies issued by the Bank for International Settlements.

The semiconductor export ban is scheduled to start on Thursday, March 3, 2022 . Until then, it is likely that Russian sub-suppliers will try to purchase as many processors from AMD and Intel as possible.

According to RBC sources, both Intel and AMD have already verbally notified Russian suppliers about the supply disruption. The sanctions imposed could lead to an immediate shortage of components needed to operate servers and advanced IT equipment used in various industries such as aircraft or the banking sector.

Currently, we do not even know when the sanctions will be applied. Of course , the lack of access to AMD and Intel processors will be dangerous for Russia, since the country does not have its own chip manufacturer . In the past, Russia intended to produce its own processors, but the experiment was unsuccessful. The design of the developer Elbrus-8C distinguished itself from the competition, was expensive, and most of all it did not pass endurance tests.

The disruption of the supply chain of processors to Russia at the time of the ongoing crisis in the semiconductor market will certainly have a negative impact on the availability and prices of computers in Russia.


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