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Kubernetes with Storage ( Red Hat )

Kubernetes with Storage ( Red Hat )

Red Hat, the global provider of open source solutions, today announced the integration of the Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation into the Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus. As a result, data services, including software-defined storage, are now available on Kubernetes.

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus provides a complete, ready-to-install, multi-cloud Kubernetes package. Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation will provide developers with a consistent data platform with persistent storage that can extend to multiple clouds and infrastructures, and provide data management capabilities to IT operating teams.

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus includes the following solutions:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform – A consistent hybrid cloud based on the Kubernetes platform that helps developers quickly build and deliver applications while ensuring flexibility and efficiency for operational IT teams.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes – Helps ensure the security of infrastructure, workloads, and software delivery chains.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes – Provides comprehensive visibility, management, and monitoring of Kubernetes clusters across the entire hybrid and multicloud environment.

Red Hat Dock – Provides a global, scalable container registry to help build a consistent software development flow that spans across different infrastructures. The images are analyzed for security vulnerabilities, which helps identify potential issues and thus helps reduce security risks.

Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation Essentials – Provides consolidated and unified group data management capabilities for containerized workloads in hybrid and multicloud environments.

Kubernetes is the de facto standard in container organization. It provides an advanced mechanism for orchestration at scale, but requires additional components to fully meet the needs of organizations to build and run modern applications. Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus combines essential features to ensure consistent application protection and management throughout the software lifecycle across Kubernetes clusters – even across cloud infrastructures. With Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, organizations get a single solution that provides the tools and capabilities to accelerate the delivery of cloud-based projects and deploy DevSecOps across the entire hybrid cloud, including the edge.

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Red Hat customers with an active Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus subscription to OpenShift Data Foundation Essentials receive their existing subscription at no additional cost.

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