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Nvidia is another giant that has halted operations in Russia

Nvidia is another giant that has halted operations in Russia

Nvidia has announced that it will also stop doing business in Russia. This is another big blow for gamers and computer enthusiasts in Russia.

Nvidia will resign from Russia / Photo.  Walid Barrazek,
Nvidia will resign from Russia / Photo. Walid Barrazek,

Businesses from all over the world are showing their opposition to Putin, who initiated the invasion of Ukraine.

Nvidia, the tech giant in Silicon Valley, has announced that it will suspend its business in Russia. So we already have three designers of PC components (under AMD and Intel) who have withdrawn their work from the country as part of their solidarity with Ukraine.

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“We will no longer sell to Russia,” an Nvidia spokesperson said. The company hasn’t given an official reason for its decision, but you can guess why.

Foreign website revealed that the only other information Nvidia disclosed is that the sales suspension covers all Nvidia products. This means that the company will withdraw not only the sale of equipment for PC or crypto-mining enthusiasts, but also access to the data center, artificial intelligence, automotive solutions, etc.

It is not yet clear what Nvidia’s decision will mean for the partner companies. It is, among other things, o manufacturers selling ready-made laptops and desktops in Russia, equipped with Nvidia chipsets. It is very likely that computers with Intel or AMD processors in Russia will run out at some point, as well as Nvidia graphics systems.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that many of Nvidia’s partners are in China, and China has not yet condemned the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine. So far they have changed their position only slightly, saying that they are “extremely concerned about the harm to civilians in Ukraine”.


The official scope of US sanctions against Russia does not restrict the shipment of consumer electronic devices that are not intended for military use. However, AMD, Intel and now Nvidia have come a long way and decided to stop sales in Russia altogether. In some cases, such as Intel, the speaker publicly condemned Russia’s initiation of war in Ukraine.

In recent days, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple and even Taiwan’s TSMC have also decided to end their cooperation with Russia.


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